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Data Science


Business / Data Analytics

Data Analytics V/s Statistical Analytics

Fundamentals of Statistics

What is Menat by Statistics

Type of Statistics

Type of Variable


Measure of Central Tendency & its uses


Introduction to R and R-studio

What is R & R-Studio

Which Company uses them

Installing Libraries and Packages in R

Overview of R-Studio

Descriptive Statistics using R

What is mean by Descriptive Statistics and its uses

Reading csv & Excel file(Hands on)

Analysis on data(Hands on)

Histogram(Hands on)

Boxplot(Hands on)

Connecting R with Mysql & perofming analysis

Different command for performing descriptive statistics(Hands on)

Connecting R with database and reading and saving data in to Mysql(Hands on)

Analysis on data after reading from database(Hands on)

Data Preprocessing

Missing value replenishment(Hands on)

Merging data files(Hands on)

Appending the data files(Hands on)

Transformation or normalization(Hands on)

Transformation or normalization(Hands on)

Fundamentals of Probability Distribution

Binomial Distribution(Hands on)

Poisson Distribution(Hands on)

Uniform Distribution(Hands on)

Normal Distribution(Hands on)

Standard Normal

Exponential Distribution(Hands on)

Test of Hypothesis

Null Hypothesis

Alternative Hypothesis

Type of errors in hypothesis testing

One Sample t-test(Hands on)

Two Sample t-test(Hands on)

Paried t-test(Hands on)

Two Variance test(Hands on)

One Propotion test(Hands on)

Two Propotion test(Hands on)

Normality Test

Introduction and its application

Q-Q Plot

Shaprio-Wilk test

Analysis of VarianceHands on

Cross TabulationHands on

Chi Square TestHands on

Predictive Analytics

Correlation & Regression

What is Correlation & its applications?

Measure of Correlation

Correlation Coefficients: Spearman's rho & Kendall's Tau(Hands on)

Assumption of Linear Regression

Simple Linear Regression(Hands on)

Multiple Linear Regression(Hands on)

Measure for Multicollinearity(Hands on)

Stepwise Regression(Hands on)

Regression with dummy variables(Hands on)

Modeling Non-linear Relations(Hands on)

Binary Logistic RegressionHands on

Tree Based MethodHands on

Introduction and its application

CART Algorithm

Classification Tree

Regression Tree

Market Basket Analysis

Introduction and its application

Associate Rule Mining


Support Count



Apriori Algorithm(Hands on)

Factor AnalysisHands on

Cluster AnalysisHands on

Naïve Bayes ClassiferHands on

Advance Class

Random Forest AlagorithmHands on with use case

Support Vector MachineHands on with use case

KNNHands on with use case

Gradient Boosting AlgorithmsHands on with use case

C5.0Hands on with use case

AdaBoostHands on with use case

4.5Hands on with use case

Neural NetHands on with use case

Text AnalyticsHands on with use case

Specialized Classes

Text Analytics

Connection R with Twitter

Extracting Tweets

Sentiment Analysis

Descriptive Analysis


Social Media Analysis

Social Network Analysis & it applications

R Programming

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