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​​Tableau Desktop Setup


Understanding of various File Types in Tableau 

Connecting to Data

Connectors available in Tableau

Custom SQL

Joining Data


Ways to connect/refresh Data Source

Customizing fields

Data Source filters

Parameters in Custom SQL (To be done after understanding parameters)


Connect to Sample Superstore Excel file.

Rename Connection

Change Data Type of Order Date to ‘Date & Time’

Concatenate City + ‘-‘ + Country

Split Customer Name into First Name and Last Name

Set Geographic Role to Location-based fields 

Customizing a Data Source

Organize fields into Folder

Convert fields to Measures or Dimensions

Edit Default Properties

Edit Attributes

Filtering Your Data

Types of Filters in Tableau

Order of Execution of Filters in Tableau

Sorting Your Data


Different Ways of Doing a Nested Sort

Creating Groups in Your Data

Creating Hierarchies in Your Data

Working with Date Fields: Discrete and Continuous Time


Changing Date fields to Discreet and Continuous


Change Order Date to Discreet and Continuous Date and observe how the visualization changes

Issues with expanding continuous date fields and need of Custom Date Fields

Working with Multiple Measures: Dual Axis and Combo Charts

Working with Multiple Measures: Combined Axis Charts

Creating Multiple Bar and Stacked Bar Charts

Showing Relationships between Numerical Values

Scatter Plots


Compare GDP Per Capita against Cell Phone Subscription rate

Mapping Data Geographically

Creating Symbol Maps

Highlight Tables

Heat Maps

Strings, Date and Type Conversion Functions

Table Calculations

Using Running Total and Percent of Total

Using Rank and Year over Year

Specifying Scope and Direction

Controlling a filter’s impact on Percent of Total

Showing Breakdowns of the Whole

Pie Charts

Donut Charts

Reference Lines


Creating a Dashboard

Horizontal and Vertical Tiles

Sizing the Dashboard

Overview of Action Filters


Using Filter Actions

Using URL Actions

Joining Tables

Using Calculations to join tables

 Blending Multiple Data Sources

Blending without a common field

LOD Expressions





Activity on all


Activity 1

Activity 2

Customizing Geo coding

Using Background Images

Creating a Preference File for customized Color Palettes



Box and Whisker Plots

Comparing Measures against a Goal

Bar-in-Bar Charts

Bullet Charts

Showing Statistics and Forecasting: Use the Analytics Pane and Trend Lines

Advanced Charts:

Performance Optimizing Techniques

Overview of Tableau Server


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