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AWS Course A-Z

AWS Solution Architect


AWS Certification track

Amazon VPC

What is VPC

Elements of VPC

Charachteristics of VPC

Configurating VPC


NAT Instance

NAT Gateway

VPC Endpoints

VPC Peering


Direct Connect


What is EC2

EC2 Instance Types

EC2 Instance Family

On-demand and Dedicated

Standard and Reserve Instances

Lunching Instance

Configuration of EC2 Instance

Load Balancers

What is load balancer

Types of loadbalancers in AWS

Classic Loadbalancer

Application Loadbalancer

Network Loadbalancer

Configuration of loadbalancers

AutoScaling (A true Cloud Computing)

What is autoscaling

Features of Autoscaling

Configuration of AutoScaling

Launch Configurations

Autoscaling Group


Different types of stprages in AWS

Instance Storage types

EBS-Optimized Instances

EBS Snapshots

Configurating and Managin EBS snapshot

Amazon EFS

Amazon S3

S3 features

Storage classes in S3

S3 Configuration

Introduction to Glacier

S3 life cycle rule

Amazon Cloud Front Distribution

Identity Access Management (IAM)

Account creation

Password policy and best practices

Providing access to User/Services

Group Creation

Policy generator


Amazon Route 53

What is R53

Introduction to DNS Service

Route53 characteristics

DNS Records

Routing Policies

Configuration of hosted zone

Configuring Policies in R53

Monitoring Services


Configuring CloudWatch


Configuring CloudTrail

Introduction to Trusted Advisor


What is Elastic Beanstalk?

When to use ElasticBeanstalk?

Configuration of Elastic Beanstalk

Amazon RDS

Introduction to RDS

RDS Characteristics

RDS Failover

Configuration Of RDS


Charachteristics of DynamoDB

DynamoDB Features

Elastic Cache

Introduction to Amazon Redshift


Introduction Athena

Kinesis Streaming

Cloud Formation

Other Amazon Services

Notification Services

Queue Service

Cost Explorer

Work Space

Code Commit

Code Build

Elastic Containers


Certificate Manager

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